DHS Presents:

What You Need to Know about Form I-9 in 2019


Join us for this very informative webinar with Dave Basham from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services. 

This session is geared not only to the less experienced with Form I-9 but those seasoned veterans as well. We’ll dive ‘deep in the weeds’ in regards to Form I-9 and cover areas you may not be aware or always had questions.  Areas such as: what addresses actual go in each of the 3 address blocks (if used), what blocks are required to be filled with N/A if an entry is not made, who can and how to make corrections, correctly, to Form I-9, how to avoid work related discrimination during the Form I-9 process, which documents you ‘do not’ reverify when they expire, how to start your own Form I-9 Compliance Program with as little as a memo or two and many other areas.  Additionally, your questions are highly encouraged!

Speaker Biography

Dave Basham
Dave joined U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in 2008 following his retirement from the U.S. Army. He has conducted close to 600 Form I-9 and E-Verify presentations to nationwide audiences including elected officials, immigration attorneys, compliance personnel to human resources and payroll professionals. Dave conducts ongoing sessions for many associations that include; Society of HR Management, American Payroll, and National Notary. In 2016, the American Payroll Association presented Dave with their annual Government Partner Award in recognition of his service, as a government agent, to the payroll community. Dave’s military assignments were numerous in the Infantry arena. His military service decorations include the Legion of Merit. Dave’s originally from West Virginia but now makes his home in historic Virginia.


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